We got a call for help a poor dog in heavy pregnant was abandoned on the road, She’s lying there for days waiting for her owner comeback… We come in time and she’s safe now in my car. Day 1: We are at the Vet already on ultrasound! Our babies’ hearts are beating, they are high and big babies, so it’s hard for mommy, but so far everything looks fine.

Her name is Blue. All she does is smile and smile! She is so wonderful and sweet, and deserves everything in the World. Moving on, with her and the babies! Day 2: Blue is having a good time! In the snow, then in the warm.

She also got a spa treatment. Day 4: Good night from Blue. She’ ready for welcome her puppies. Day 5: Good morning, we have news! So far there are 5 puppies! The two babies didn’t make it. One girl and 4 boys!

Day 14: Dinner and then to sleep… Enjoy your meal! Day 15 Day 18: When I remember that she, too, with her babies in her belly, was thrown out on the road. That’s why these babies can only go to the best homes in the World! Day 20: Can’t thank you enough Vera Zorko for opening the doors to your home, and taking care of all the Blue’s puppies. Day 24: We are tired, tired.. But today is somehow an unrealistically beautiful day. There is nothing more beautiful than knowing that there are still wonderful people, there are few, but there are. So you’re so happy that tears roll down my eyes. The Blue family has already used their chance at life for a long time, today a few more.

Day 31: Look at our Blue family!!! As they grow and thrive… Momma Blue and her babies! Day 32: And the Blue family is in the sun! Day 35: Great news! Buksi, who goes after other brothers and sisters, has seen it Pope additionally fine vitamins and minerals, slowly but surely he becomes a fish too… Haha! Day 45: How beutiful and adorable, Blue’s babies are now! Day 70: Blue’s babies are growing fast. They are healthy and very happy now.

They are also ready adopt to new happy family. Day 80: How wonderfully they eat and how wonderfully they wait in line for a snack.. They are all deserve a happy life forever!

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