In another video shared in September, Lori further teases the relationship between best friends Caleb and Kahlua. In the video, the dog is sitting outside Caleb’s crib, the child, entertained with the animal, begins to pick up an ‘imaginary food’ that is inside the crib and feed it directly into the dog’s mouth.The scene portrays well the friendship and trust that one has in the other. While Caleb feeds Kahlua his imaginary food, the dog searches the ground for crumbs that don’t exist.

Em outro vídeo, Caleb alimenta o cachorro com uma comida imaginária

In another video, Caleb feeds the dog imaginary food (Photo: Tik Tok / kahluasadventure)

The song that packs the video, could not be another, “You’ve Got a Friend In Me” – in translation, “You have a friend in me”. Song known for being the theme of children’s animation toys, ‘Toy Story’, 1995.

The lyrics sing: “There’s nothing I wouldn’t do for you. We stand together, we can see that. Because you have a friend in me.” Demonstrating well the relationship between little Caleb and his dog Kahlua.

See the video:


See also this video:


A wonderful organization called DAR Animal Rescue heard about a helpless puppy that was all alone under a bench. People had passed her by and posted her photos to Facebook asking for help.

Oddly, however, no one actually stopped and picked her up and helped her themselves. We have no idea why.

One of the rescuers from DAR headed over to help the poor puppy. She couldn’t understand why the baby had just been left to suffer.

When she arrived and saw the defenseless little girl crying, she was floored. This puppy was in grave condition. She wouldn’t have survived long.

The rescuer wrapped her in a blanket and put her into the car. It was time to get her to the vet. Once on the examination table, the vet pulled off ticks that had devoured her blood. There were tons of them. Her eyes were also infected. Poor baby!

The vet also tried to get her to stand up on her own but she was too weak. It was a struggle. Besides being malnourished, she was also anemic from parasitic blood loss.

Finally, the little pup is given food and water. She is thrilled! When was the last time she ate? No one knows for sure.


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