In a world where countless animals suffer from neglect and abandonment, stories of compassion and kindness can provide hope and inspiration. One such story comes from Voronezh, Russia, where Vadim Rustam and his family discovered and saved a pregnant dog trapped beneath a sidewalk.

As Vadim Rustam, along with his wife and two younger siblings, passed an apartment near their home, he heard a faint barking coming from nearby. Although the sound was barely audible, Rustam believed it was coming from beneath the sidewalk. Three weeks earlier, a concave pit had formed in the ground at this location, which was subsequently repaired and re-paved by city workers.

When Rustam noticed the strange noises, he and his relatives reported the incident to local authorities. However, they were met with refusal, as the issue was deemed “not a public business.” Undeterred, Rustam decided to take matters into his own hands to rescue the trapped animal.Using a hammer to pry up the bricks, Rustam discovered a boulder blocking the crater. As he dug out the dirt and rocks, he found a pregnant dog trapped inside. It appeared that the dog had been there for at least two days, desperately calling for help but receiving none until Rustam and his family came to her aid.

Rustam’s family took the pregnant dog into their home and cared for her. The remarkable story of their rescue quickly gained attention after Rustam uploaded a video of the entire process on YouTube.

The Rustam family’s story highlights the powerful bond that can form between humans and animals. Many young people have shared similar stories of their parents initially opposing pet ownership, only for the pets to eventually win their hearts. In some cases, the pets are so beloved that they are considered “born” members of the family, while their owners jokingly refer to themselves as “stepchildren.”


The heartwarming rescue of the pregnant dog in Voronezh serves as a testament to the power of compassion and determination. Vadim Rustam and his family’s actions not only saved the life of the trapped dog but also gave her a loving home and a new beginning. Their story serves as a reminder that even in the face of adversity, there is still kindness in the world and that our actions can make a profound difference in the lives of animals in need.

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