Bassa Beach, and the whale was pulled with the help of the Coast Guard of the Royal Oman Police, after it became clear that the size of the whale was very large, and efforts to carry it did not succeed until after a very long time, as two heavy bulldozers were used to pull the whale, which weighed more than 12 tons, and it was not pulled out of the sea because of its weight.

Ahmed bin Masoud bin Muhammad al-Shehhi, a first guide for fishermen at the Fish Wealth Center in Khasab, indicated (to that the people of the village of Harf, led by the fisherman Abdul Raouf bin Muhammad bin Ahmed al-Shehhi, were able to catch the whale, which is the first whale of its kind of this size, as it estimated its weight.

Hình ảnh with more than 12 tons, while the people and residents gathered around the whale, of which the same type was not caught except in 1988 AD, in the Wilayat of Bukha.

Ahmed Al-Shehhi indicated that this type of whale is known locally as Samrani and Senari, and some government agencies such as the Department of Environment and Climate Affairs, regional municipalities and fish wealth were present at the site of the event, pointing out that the whale shark is a type of fish that moves slowly and is the largest type of fish.


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