It was a call that would change everything. Dusty Anna called about a month-old female puppy who had a severe maggot wound. She was abandoned beside the road in a bag, in severe pain, lying there waiting for death. It was a heart-wrenching sight to see such an innocent creature suffer.

The puppy had a large wound on her small body, and hundreds of maggots were eating her alive. But despite it all, she was a fighter, and we prayed that she would win this battle. We rushed her to the vet for treatment, unsure of what her future held.

It was hard to fathom how heartless someone could be to do this to a little puppy. We didn’t know who had done it or how it had happened. All we knew was that it was heartbreaking to see her in so much pain. We named her Michiko and vowed to do everything we could to help her.

Michiko was immediately put under treatment for her wound, which was infested with maggots. The vet believed that the wound had been caused by an animal bite. She was so tiny that even small injuries like this could have been life-threatening for her.

In addition to her wound, Michiko also had loose stools and was vomiting, which indicated that her condition was critical. The vet had to provide her with intravenous feeding to ensure she received proper nutrition. It was a long road ahead, but we hoped that she would recover in a week or so and could be taken for fostering.

Days went by, and we watched Michiko’s progress closely. We had all grown attached to her, and it was hard to see her suffer. But on the second day, all the maggots were removed, and she was recovering beautifully. We were so proud of her and all that she had overcome in her life.

Michiko still needed time to heal, but we knew she was strong enough to make it. We took her for daily treatments and fluids at the BMAD clinic, and she continued to make progress. Ten days later, our little Michiko was slowly recovering. She had made a new friend, a cat, and was very happy.

We knew that Michiko deserved a happy life forever, and we were determined to find her a loving family. We had seen firsthand how much she had fought to survive, and we knew that she had a fighting spirit that would continue to serve her well.

Our prayers had been answered, and Michiko was on the road to recovery. We would continue to watch over her until she was ready to be adopted. We wished her all the best and hoped that she would find a loving family who would cherish her as much as we did.

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