It all started with a photo captured on a night vision camera. A poor dog with a huge swollen face, something deeply embedded into her neck, cutting off circulation to her head. The rescue team knew that she could drop dead at any minute, but they were determined to save her life.

The rescue team quickly sprung into action upon receiving the photo of the poor dog. They set a trap filled with good food, hoping to lure her in. And to their surprise, the dog, whom they later named Mika, walked right into the trap. It was a moment of relief, but the battle had only just begun.

Mika was rushed to the vet, and the team immediately consulted with the doctor to come up with a plan. Overnight, they flushed her wounds, started an IV for hydration, and administered antibiotics for the infection. They managed Mika’s immense pain and discomfort, but the surgery team was still to confront her in person the following day.

On the second day, Mika’s swelling had gone down substantially. She was having a good day and was responding well to her HBOT treatment, which brought her some relief. She was also eating, and her exposed skin was granulated and pink, a sign of winning the battle. The team was optimistic, and their gratitude was abundant.

Mika’s neck tissue was healthy enough for the surgery team to close the open wound. Surgery lasted for almost six hours, but Mika handled it incredibly. Her swelling had gone down even more, and her face was becoming more visible. She was eating, happy, and silly, and the team was thrilled.

Mika was smiling, eating, healing, and loving. She was on her way to recovery, and the team was grateful for everyone who believed in their efforts. Mika was making remarkable progress, and her future was looking brighter.

Mika was still fearful of humans, but she was learning to trust. She was food motivated and was gaining weight like a healthy girl. She was shy to the human hand, but as she felt more and more safe, the puppy came out in secret moments. She was making progress every day, and the team was proud of her.

Mika was continuing to heal physically and emotionally. She was extremely fearful, but one day at a time, she was showing progress. She was making slow but steady progress, and the team was hopeful.

Mika had her stitches removed, and she was gaining weight like a healthy girl. She was still shut down, but she was testing coming out of her fears more and more. She was making progress daily, and then she made a dog friend. She loved other dogs, and it was a beautiful moment for the team to witness.


Look who’s got her groove back! Mika was still fearful outside, but when dogs were in the picture, the world was a better place. She loved and snuggled hard on her mama and papa, and the team was thrilled to see her doing so well.

Dr. Miranda and his partner, Dr. Yao, who were part of the surgery team, fell in love with Mika and offered to make her a part of their family forever. The stars aligned for Mika, and the team’s gratitude was profound.

Mika’s journey was a long and difficult one, but with the help of a dedicated rescue team, a team of caring veterinarians,

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