One day, a blind man and his guide dog were going through an intersection when suddenly, a truck hit the blind man. The dog immediately rushed to protect its owner and as a result, both were killed.

The spirit of the blind man and the dog flew to heaven. The confused gatekeeper said to the blind man: “Currently there is only one empty spot on the list of heaven. I’m sorry and sorry that only one of you has to go to hell.”

The blind owner said, “My dog does not know what heaven is, nor does it understand what hell is. So can I decide who goes to heaven or hell?
The angel replied, “I am very sorry. All souls have equal rights. Going to heaven or going to hell will be decided through a game.” The owner was frustrated and asked about the game. Angel said: “This game is very simple. Two people will have to run from this gate to the main gate of heaven, whoever reaches the finish line first will be the winner, whoever is slower will have to go to hell. He also didn’t need to worry because he was now a spirit so he was no longer blind. The better the soul, the faster the movement speed. Surely he will finish before his dog.”

The man thought for a moment and finally agreed.

The angel started the contest and decided that the blind man would win. But surprisingly, the blind man walked slowly and calmly. Moreover, his loyal dog also wandered beside its owner.

“Probably over the years, the blind man has trained the dog to stay by his side, so it has become a habit, forever acting according to the owner and always leading the way for the owner.
And the other owner is too much, he took advantage of this point to order the dog to stop and go forward on his own.” God thought. The dog just left the blind man and ran as fast as he could to heaven’s door, but he didn’t. The angel looked at the faithful dog sadly and said, “You gave up your life for your master. Now your master is not blind anymore, you don’t need to guide him, hurry to heaven’s door!”

Both the man and the donor ignored the angel’s words. They casually walked together like walking in the city. Almost there, the blind man ordered the dog to sit down. It looked at its master with eyes filled with affection like it always looked at him.

“I send my faithful dog to heaven. I was worried if he wouldn’t come here on his own, so I went with him. I want to ask the angel to help me take good care of him.” The blind owner spoke to the angel, which stunned the angel.

The man looked down at his dog and continued, “The dog has been following me for years but this is the first time I have seen it with my own eyes. If possible, I want to be by her side forever. But the angel said only one of you can go to heaven so I want him to go there and get the best care possible. It is well deserved to belong here.
After saying that, the owner ordered the dog to run forward, and I closed my eyes and gently fell towards hell. Suddenly, the dog rushed to run after its owner.
“The purer the soul, the faster the movement speed.” The angel spread his wings to chase the dog but could not keep up. Finally, the guide dog returned to its owner. Even in hell, it will forever protect its blind owner.

In this world, there is only one truth, but the hearts of superstitious people understand innumerable troubles. Why is that? In fact, the logic is very simple. Each person, when faced with an object, does not use an objective view to judge, but relies on his own experience of love and hate to evaluate from there, having a one-sided, one-sided view. The result what we see is not necessarily the truth, but what is considered the truth is sometimes a lie.

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