Journalist Fabrizio Romano published it and MARCA confirmed it. Earlier on Tuesday, MARCA spoke about a third pathway for Messi’s future that was not PSG or FC Barcelona. Romano was the one who shared some information on Tuesday and offered more details through a tweet. The third option is Saudi Arabia’s Al Hilal, which is the country’s most prestigious club. They made a mouth-watering offer to Leo Messi, which is €400 million per season!

The news that was confirmed by this outlet arrives in tangible form for the first time, it confirms how Saudi Arabia had been trying to lure Messi to the country. Al Hilal is a state-controlled club that is willing to pay that much money to Messi, which would be the biggest sum of money received by any footballer in history. We need to clarify that this offer is before tax.

An offer that would dwarf Cristiano’s offer

These €400 million would come less than a season after Cristiano Ronaldo was offered €200 million by rival club Al Nassr, which he ended up taking. It is poised to defeat any other offer before and break all records. But Fabrizio Romano also confirms another aspect MARCA revealed from this negotiation. The Argentine star’s main priorty is to remain in Europe, which is either PSG, Barcelona or another last-minute surprise. Let us remember that Barcelona dreams of getting Leo Messi back but there still hasn’t been a concrete offer made to him. Also, PSG already made that concrete offer to the Messi clan but neither Leo nor his father have responded to this offer. The situation has also stalled because Messi is looking for a winning project and the PSG supporters responded by jeering him at Parc des Princes.

Messi bất ngờ trở lại Barcelona một cách khác thường

The situation with Messi’s future continues to be a hot topic of discussion among football fans and experts alike. Many believe that his decision will have a significant impact on the football world, especially considering he has been with Barcelona for his entire professional career.

However, it is clear that Messi is looking for new challenges and opportunities. The offer from Al Hilal is undoubtedly tempting, but it seems unlikely that Messi would leave Europe for a move to Saudi Arabia. PSG and Barcelona remain the most likely destinations for Messi, with both clubs having the financial means to offer him a competitive salary.

Nevertheless, Messi’s priority is to join a winning team that can compete for major titles, and this is where the situation becomes a bit complicated. PSG is the current holder of the Ligue 1 title, but their failure to advance past the semi-finals of the Champions League last season may be a concern for Messi. Similarly, while Barcelona has a rich history and a loyal fanbase, their recent struggles on the pitch have cast doubt on their ability to compete at the highest level.

Messi trở lại Barca

Overall, Messi’s decision will likely depend on a variety of factors, including his desire for a new challenge, financial incentives, and the potential for success with his new club. It will be fascinating to see where he ends up, and how his arrival at a new club will affect the football world moving forward.

This would be the biggest sum of money received by any footballer in history, and is before tax. It is worth noting that Al Hilal is a state-controlled club, and Messi’s main priority is to remain in Europe, with options being either PSG, Barcelona, or another last-minute surprise. Barcelona has yet to make a concrete offer to Messi, while PSG has made an offer that neither him nor his father have responded to. Messi is looking for a winning project, and PSG supporters have jeered him at Parc des Princes, which has stalled the situation. With hundreds of millions of Saudi bills on the table, the situation remains open, and it is uncertain what Messi’s decision will be next summer.

The situation remains qide open but with literally hundreds of millions of Saudi bills on the table. What will Messi decide next summer?

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