Meeps is a cute and unique Brussels Griffon dog with a unique look owing to her absence of an eye, a limb, and an eardrum, yet she is a playful and cheery young lady. Meeps was spotted by a little girl and brought to her family 11 years ago.

Fortunately, the child happened to be in the right location at the right moment and witnessed the dog that resembled a bat being tossed from a car. Meeps was famished, weighing barely 2 pounds, and had a severely injured eye.

Meeps’ adoptive mother, Alesha Brandt, told The Dodo:

“She sat peacefully in the tub as my daughter bathed her and cleaned her… While she awaited his return home to take her to the veterinarian.”

Credit: Instagram / meeplysparrow

Despite her tough start, Meeps is the Brandt family’s leader and takes pleasure in her unique looks; she is lively and naughty. His large hairless ears make him look like a little bat.

Credit: Instagram / meeplysparrow

Alesha guarantees:

“His ears have never grown hair, so they feel like soft leather and like bat wings. She’s often referred to as a fruit bat since she adores bananas and oranges.’

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