It’s a heartbreaking sight to see innocent animals suffer at the hands of their supposed guardians. Unfortunately, this is the reality for many animals in Kostomłoty Village, where about 50 dogs live in a barn with no food, water, or proper care. These animals are suffering from various diseases, and their living conditions are extremely deplorable.

Animal welfare organization DIOZ has been working tirelessly to rescue these animals and provide them with the medical care they desperately need. Their recent intervention revealed the shocking truth about the situation, as they found that the number of dogs in need was far greater than expected.

During a recent visit, DIOZ inspectors found five dogs in urgent need of medical attention. The animals were quickly taken to a veterinary clinic where they received immediate treatment for their ailments. The medical examinations revealed that two of the bitches had progressive mammary gland cancer, while one had purulent vaginitis. The rest of the animals were suffering from severe dermatitis, scabies, and starvation. All of them require urgent medical care, and some may require surgery to survive.

This latest intervention is just one of many efforts by DIOZ to rescue animals in Kostomłoty Village. Their previous intervention had led to the rescue of ten animals, which are currently receiving medical care in veterinary clinics. However, DIOZ’s efforts are far from over. The organization plans to conduct a search with a warrant to rescue more animals, as they suspect that there are still around 20 dogs in need on the farm.

The situation in Kostomłoty Village is a clear example of animal cruelty, and it highlights the urgent need for stronger animal welfare laws and regulations in Poland. The animals rescued from this horror are just a fraction of the thousands of animals that suffer from neglect, abuse, and cruelty every year.

DIOZ’s efforts to rescue these animals are commendable, and they deserve the support of the public and the authorities. The Municipal Office and the Police have been working closely with DIOZ to address the situation, and they must continue to take strong action to ensure that the animals are rescued and their abusers are held accountable for their actions.

The animals in Kostomłoty Village deserve a better life, and it is up to us as a society to ensure that their welfare is protected. We must continue to support animal welfare organizations like DIOZ, push for stronger animal welfare laws, and educate the public about responsible pet ownership. Together, we can create a better future for all animals.

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