It took a few months for a Chihuahua to get the attention of animal rescue organization Hope For Paws, a non-profit organization from Beverly Hills, California, USA. This organization received information from a resident through the hotline. The person said a dog had been left helpless on the road in the Compton area for at least the past five months.

Eldad Hagar, one of the founders of Hope For Paws, joined his colleague Loreta Frankonyte in the investigation. They discovered that the poor dog had been left lying in an old shoe box in front of someone’s house. And the owner is the dog’s benefactor when he feeds it every day so that it doesn’t starve.

Once there, Eldad and Lorera wrapped the rope around the dog’s neck and lifted it up. This is when they discovered something special and also heartbreaking about the animal. The dog, later named Princess, lost a foreleg and apparently couldn’t walk properly.

The two warmed Princess with a towel wrapped around the dog’s body and carried it into the car, taking it to the veterinary hospital. After being washed and fed, Princess was given a comprehensive health check by a doctor. This poor dog not only lost his front leg, but also carried a disease that made him weak and tired.

Princess has anemia, which means she doesn’t have enough red blood cells or hemoglobin in her blood. The dog was kept in the veterinary hospital to be monitored for several weeks before it was strong enough to crawl out of bed and live on its own without assistance.

Not long after, Princess was able to run around on her own three legs. Four months later, the Hope For Paws organization announced more good news that they had found someone to adopt this lovely dog.

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