Budweiser 'Puppy Love' commercial for Super Bowl wins America's heart - The  Washington PostDuring the 2014 Super Bowl, Budweiser released one of its most memorable commercials.  It was called Puppy Love and featured a sweet yellow Labrador retriever puppy making friends with one of the famous Clydesdale horses.

The sweet commercial started with a litter of labs being placed for adoption. One of the labs escapes the kennel and runs to a nearby horse barn while the humans are distracted with the puppies.

The puppy reaches the barn and pushes open the doors then rushes to the stall where a giant horse is waiting.  The pup then tenderly reaches up with a tiny yellow paw and the horse bends down receives a sweet kiss on the nose from the puppy that then spins with happiness.

The commercial then goes on to show the pup continuously running away to find his best bud until he’s finally adopted and taken away leaving behind his heartbroken friend.  The final scene is of the puppy staring out the car window while being driven away while gorgeous horses chase after the car finally surrounding it so the pup can happily return with them to the farm.

If that commercial brought a tear to your eye, you’re sure to love this new one.  Budweiser is back with the reunion of the two friends.  In this commercial called, Reunited with Buds, the horse and puppy cross land and sea to reunite and this one will also tug at your heartstrings.

From clips to the first iconic commercial in the series, great music, and scenes of how far the two friends will go to be together again, this one is about hope and honoring and reuniting with friends.

The puppy is cute as ever and as always, Budweiser has delivered another commercial that seems to be taken from a slice of American life and is sure to make you feel warm and fuzzy inside.

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In the heart of a dark and gloomy forest, there lived a young puppy and a beautiful horse. They were both captured and held captive by their cruel owner, who kept them in a small, cramped cage.

Despite the harsh living conditions, the two animals became inseparable friends. The little pup would often cuddle up next to the horse to keep warm during the chilly nights, while the horse would nuzzle the pup’s ears and offer him comfort during their times of distress.

Days turned into weeks, and weeks turned into months. But even with their unbreakable bond, the two animals longed for the freedom that had been taken from them. They would often dream of running free in the open fields, with the wind in their fur and mane.

One day, when the owner had left for the day, the horse and the pup seized the opportunity to escape. They worked together to break open the lock on their cage and made a run for it.

Despite the obstacles they faced, such as the dense forest and a fast-flowing river, they continued on their journey towards freedom. They relied on each other for support, and their friendship only grew stronger with each passing obstacle.

Eventually, they emerged from the forest, and the sight that greeted them was breathtaking. The vast fields and bright blue sky were a stark contrast to the cramped cage they had been confined to for so long.

Together, the little pup and the horse galloped across the fields, reveling in their newfound freedom. They knew that they would always be there for each other, no matter what obstacles they might face in the future. And with this newfound hope, they continued on their journey, side by side, into the horizon.

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