Touching image of a smart mother dog instructing strangers to save 16 abandoned puppies.

Chùm ảnh: Chó mẹ thông minh dẫn người đi đường tới giải cứu 16 chú chó con bị bỏ rơi

A clever mother dog ran up to a stranger on the street behind the Oklahoma City Animal Welfare Center, and her instincts paid off. The stranger, an animal rescuer, followed the friendly dog, unprepared for what he was about to see.

The mother dog was relieved and grateful for the help. She could finally rest and take care of her newborn puppies without any worries. The hikers stayed with them

Over the next few days, the mother dog and her puppies received the care and attention they needed to thrive. The hikers checked in on them

Eventually, the puppies grew big enough to leave the forest and find homes with loving families. But the memory of the mother dog’s brave journey in the forest stayed with the hikers forever. They had witnessed the power of a mother’s love and the resilience of nature.

At about 10:30 a.m. on March 7, Mitzi Brogdon, director of the Street Dog Rescue & Rehabilitation Center in Moore, Oklahoma, found two abandoned puppies. On the way home, she saw a foxhound named Dolly standing alone in a cobbled car park, pulled over and Dolly immediately ran towards her.

Brogdon, 49, told The Epoch Times : “I scratched his head and he started walking down the cobbled street to a radio tower, looking back at me every few steps. I followed him and when I got to the end of him. on the way, all the puppies started jumping out from behind a big fallen log.”

(Courtesy of Mitzi Brogdon)

Brogdon was shocked when a total of 16 puppies were abandoned in the back of the log. Her shock turned to anger as she thought about the owner who abandoned the puppies.

Brogdon revealed: “When I found them, they were very hungry. Some of the puppies looked like they had parasites in their stomachs but they didn’t seem to have been abandoned for long. Dolly let me take them. I went anywhere. where, the puppies will follow me, I’m like Pied Piper”.

Some are about 6 weeks old, some are 8 weeks old and two are only about 4 months old. Dolly looks about 18 months old. The smaller dogs easily kept up, while the two largest had to be chained, but it only took 10 minutes to get the job done.

(Courtesy of Mitzi Brogdon)

Brogdon shared: “It will take a lot of shelter to take care of the puppies. I have arranged with Forever Yours Dog Rescue and 405 Animal Rescue Center (405 Animal Rescue) to take two puppies each, the team Fuzzy Friends Rescue took five and Safe Haven Animal took four.”

Brogdon took the three puppies and Dolly back to Street Dog Rescue and Recovery, where she shared the photo on Facebook, writing: “I thought Oklahoma would do better, but the They’re not just dogs and cats. The way we treat them says it all.”

(Courtesy of Mitzi Brogdon)

Brogdon, who was born and raised in Moore, is well aware of his state’s plight, said abandoning animals for others to search would place a heavy burden on rescuers and places Haven.

Brogdon told The Epoch Times: “In the absence of funding and nurturing conditions, we had to let these dogs die on the street or in a shelter. We needed to find a corporate sponsor. good and some funding opportunities, otherwise we wouldn’t be able to maintain a shelter with so many animals.”

Dolly was sterilized and fully vaccinated after being rescued. It is negative for heartworm but positive for tick-borne ehrlichia, which requires antibiotics. Brogdon describes Dolly as “the perfect dog” who is affectionate, home-trained, and gets along well with other pets and children.

Thanks to the great efforts of many rescue centers, these 16 adorable puppies are ready to be adopted after completing the second round of neutering and vaccinations.

(Courtesy of Mitzi Brogdon)

Brogdon officially opened the Street Dog Rescue & Rehabilitation Center in January 2020 after rescuing one named Darcy. The news made headlines at the time. With the help of Shea Otley, now vice president of the board of the Street Dog Rescue and Rehabilitation Center, Brogdon upgraded his independent rescue operation to a 501(c)3 organization. and expand its mission.

Brogdon said: “Our mission is to save and find all the lost, forgotten and unwanted dogs. The message I want to convey is to first neuter your pet; second Second, keep your promises to your pets, they are your lifelong commitment.”


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