Mae, a 5-year-old French mastiff, has had a difficult life but likes everyone she encounters. She was critically emaciated when she came at Southern Indiana Animal Rescue, weighing barely 70 pounds.

She was diagnosed with terminal cancer shortly after her arrival and given only a few weeks to live. Elizabeth Starck, a rescue foster parent, fell in love with Mae right immediately and brought her home to nurture her.

Her squishy face, charming underbite, and sweet temperament have garnered her a lot of followers. Mae has become the rescue’s spokesdog, and she attends fundraisers to meet and greet all of her fans.

Mae enjoys meeting new people, but she enjoys food even more. Every day, she consumes 10 cans of wet dog food. Starck stated that the shelter was out of canned dogs and was taken surprised by the reaction. To support Mae, the shelter received over 700 cans of dog food and other contributions.

“The love and support you’ve shown Mae and the rest of us is fantastic, and it makes me cry.” Mae has slowed down a bit in recent days, but she still enjoys any and all attention she can get. “But most significantly, she still enjoys her food,” added Starck.

“When she is not eating, she enjoys keeping an eye on the foster cats and visits them every night. She is so charmed with the cats that she will simply sit and watch them play. ” When she sees them, her tail goes mad.” “She woke me up five times during the night to check on the cats,” wrote Starck.

“The sweet young child is usually by her mother’s side and follows her around everywhere she goes. Despite the fact that Mae had clearly met her soul partner, Starck made it official by adopting her in front of a court. “Today, in front of Judge Carmichael, we made it official.” “Mae has been adopted, so she may spend her dying days with her family (me),” said Starck.

Mae has both good and terrible days, but she always eats and follows her mother around the home. She will be surrounded by love for as long as she has left.

“Mae’s rescue mission has blossomed into something larger than I could have dreamed, and it’s all because to you.”

There was once a dog named Max who had been diagnosed with terminal cancer. His owners were devastated to hear the news, but they knew they wanted to make the most of the time Max had left.

Instead of focusing on Max’s illness, his owners decided to give him all the love and attention they possibly could. They took him on long walks in the park, gave him his favorite treats, and even bought him a new dog bed to make him as comfortable as possible.

Max’s owners also reached out to friends and family to share their story, and soon Max was receiving love and support from all over the world. People sent him toys, treats, and cards filled with well wishes.

Max’s last days were filled with love, joy, and comfort. His owners did everything they could to make sure he knew how much he was loved. And in return, Max gave them the gift of his unwavering loyalty and affection.

When Max passed away, his owners were heartbroken, but they were also grateful for the time they had with him. They knew that Max had lived his last days surrounded by love, and that was all that mattered.

Max’s story is a reminder that even in the face of difficult circumstances, we can choose to focus on love and kindness. It’s never too late to show someone how much they mean to us, and to make sure they know they are loved.

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