This wandering dog we named Lisa had been found lying on the side of the road like a lifeless corpse. Her condition was dire, and we were called by concerned residents in the scorching heat of the 40-degree weather. Lisa was severely dehydrated, her health greatly reduced due to her austere life and years of suffering from a fungal skin disease that had eaten away her entire body. Her eyes looked at us pleadingly, as if to say, “Save me.”

We wasted no time and quickly put Lisa in the car to take her home for treatment. There was another dog we had just saved nearby, and both dogs were struggling to hold on. Lisa’s breathing was weak, and it was clear she couldn’t last much longer. Once we got her home, we replenished her water, and she slowly started to recover, regaining her sanity along with her health. We provided her with liquid food that she could easily eat due to her weak body, which had been deprived of proper nutrition for so long.

The tinea versicolor had caused necrosis on her skin, making her body look like a dry tree. Lisa had been hungry for a long time, and now she ate with gusto, savoring every bite. We carefully removed the dead skin on her neck, although it was a painful and uncomfortable process for her. She rested, feeling tired and in pain, but finally finding relief from the itchiness and discomfort that had plagued her for years. Her legs were swollen from severe malnutrition, a clear sign of her prolonged suffering.

We took her to the nearest veterinarian, a long drive during which Lisa slept most of the way. Upon arrival, I carried her into the clinic and explained her condition to the veterinarian. He examined her and confirmed the severity of her malnourishment and dehydration. He also discovered that she had a few broken ribs, likely from being hit by a car.

The vet informed me that Lisa needed to stay at the clinic for a few days for monitoring and medical care. He promised to try and locate her owners, but if they couldn’t be found, I would need to take responsibility for her. I visited the clinic every day, watching over Lisa’s progress. She was slowly getting better, and the vet was hopeful that she would fully recover. I spent hours sitting by her cage, talking to her, and gently stroking her fur, a bond forming between us.

I had grown attached to Lisa, and I knew that I would care for her no matter what. After a week, the vet gave me the good news that Lisa was healthy enough to go home. He provided me with medication to administer to her over the next few weeks and advised me to keep a close eye on her as she continued to recover.

I was overjoyed to take Lisa, now renamed Lucky, home. She quickly settled into her new surroundings and became a loyal companion. She was always by my side, grateful for the second chance she had been given. Over the next few months, Lucky thrived. She gained weight and her energy levels improved. We went on long walks together, exploring the countryside and even visiting a local dog park where she made friends with other dogs.

As time passed, Lucky and I developed a strong bond. She was more than just a pet; she was a loyal friend who had been through so much but had come out on the other side. She expressed her gratitude in her own way, with wagging tails, playful barks, and unwavering loyalty. Lucky had truly lived up to her name, and I was grateful to have her in my life. Together, we faced the challenges of her past and embraced a brighter future. Thankful for the second chance she had been given, Lucky and I knew that our journey

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