One sunny day, the Greek nonprofit animal welfare organization received a call in Attica Street, reporting the dire condition of a stray, stray dog. Immediately, a lifeguard named Shelter arrived at the notified location and rescued it.

When found, the poor dog was almost “petrified”, the coat on his body was almost completely bare, suffering from many skin, bone, stomach diseases and severe malnutrition.

According to calculations, this poor dog is about 5 years old, has been hungry for a long time. Its skin sticks close to the ribs, giving rise to a terrifying-looking band of bones.
When humans and other animals try to approach, it panics, trying to hide.
It is very difficult to get this dog to accept human care because it seems to have lost trust strongly

Finally, with patience, with love, the rescuers were able to get close to the dog, help it bathe, apply medicine, and improve its skin condition.

Later, the dog was named Petra, which means stone in Greek. Because when found, Petra was almost “petrified” with sticky, lumpy fur.

After nearly four months of being loved and cared for again, Petra has made an almost complete recovery. In the process of getting well, Petra also learned to trust people again.

Now Petra lives very happily and happily with her hair growing back completely.

The appearance is polished, the faith is also gradually reconnected, Petra now loves to go for a walk outdoors.

The rescue center hopes that someone will adopt Petra, providing a real home for this dog that has been through a lot of suffering and misfortune.

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