The moment the dog Jorge is happy to see his owner again after 3 years of separation

Giorgi immediately ran to the area where the dog was found and this time luck smiled on him when it was indeed the dog Jorge that Giorgi was looking for. When found, the dog Jorge was curled up under a tree without knowing his owner was coming.

However, as soon as he heard his owner’s cry, Jorge immediately jumped up and quickly recognized his owner’s face, expressed his joy and made an emotional cry as if was “cry”.

The dog Jorge repeatedly wagged his tail and jumped on top of his owner as a way of expressing his joy at seeing him again.

“Jorge, are you? Jorge, Jorge, it’s you! Oh my, how are you, man?”, Mr. Giorgi could not hide his feelings of constantly asking about his lost pet dog.

Mr. Giorgi then brought his dog Jorge home. It is not clear how the dog Jorge managed to survive on the street for the past 3 years, but the dog has a yellow label on its ear and it is likely that the dog is in the care of a management organization. certain animals in the area.

In many cities in Georgia, including the capital Tbilisi, there are quite a few stray dogs without owners, with an estimated number of up to 50,000.

The clip of the reunion between Giorgi and his pet dog quickly went viral after being shared on social media. Many people said they were really touched by the affection of the owner and the dog in the clip, especially the dog can still remember his owner after 3 years of separation, showing how much the dog loves his owner. any.

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