The tired dog that lulls the 8-day-old boy to sleep is now the focus of attention online after a few hours of sharing. Chiko the dog used his front paw to help his little master sleep well.

According to Daily Mail, Ms. Olesia Kuzmychova (from Hong Kong, China) – the boy’s mother – was the one who recorded this moment.

Because she saw the dog Chiko holding her son so cute, she immediately had to take her phone back and share it on social networks.

Chiko is a Shiba Inu dog, adopted by Olesia Kuzmychova for more than a year. In the clip, the “small friend” used his front leg to make it temporary, helping the little master sleep well.

More adorable when Chiko even turned to Miss Olesia as if asking if she was doing the right thing, no.


Chiko the dog often helps the family to look at the small owner. Image cut from clip.

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