This stray dog ​​dragged his injured leg on the road for hours but no one seemed to come to help. It was exhausted, broke its leg. It seemed to be the end of life when a passerby noticed and called the rescue team in time. We arrived immediately after only a few hours. By the time we got there, the old dog had fallen asleep in a nearby garbage-filled lawn.

We immediately checked her pulse. Luckily she was still breathing but quite weak. We feed the poor dog food to have more alertness. She only ate a little and then threw up. After arriving at the clinic, she was a little more alert. The pain and hunger made her tired and just wanted to lie down. After a general examination, she was going to have surgery a few hours later.

The surgery took 3 hours, luckily she was able to make it through. When she opened her eyes after the surgery, we were so moved beyond words. Her legs were treated promptly. Then she was taken to another better clinic that wanted to help her. Now it’s just time for her to get better. However, she still has a long way to go before she can be adopted.

They named her Gerda. One more worrying thing is that she is quite anorexic. That made Gerda thinner and thinner. She lay like that all day for 3 weeks. After the wound was almost healed, we shaved that tangled hair off to begin a clean bath for Gerda. The thread removal also takes quite a while because the wound is deep.

After 1 month, she started going outside to breathe outside air. That long period of time made Gerda feel strange and timid about the outside world. She was afraid of the cars on the street going back and forth. Wanting to go back inside, Gerda hesitated. Gerda continues to be cared for by another kind volunteer The man desperately wanted to help her walk normally and be more confident.

Day by day, Gerda became more comfortable with that gentle man. That makes her more motivated to practice walking. Gerda put in a lot of effort, she made it. Although her steps were still limp, that was what she wanted to do. This lovely girl is receiving attention from posts online. We hope that Gerda will soon be adopted by an open and loving family.

She’s recovered more than 80 percent, so proud. We know that Gerda will not give up easily. Now she can live comfortably and happily for the rest of her life. Let’s pray for her to be quickly welcomed back to the home she was supposed to live in.

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