Every day malnourished dog begging for food from door to door, but no one has accepted him yet

Meet Kizi! Kizi was severely debilitated, emaciated, and weak. He spent his days going door to door, begging for food, but no one accepted him. As a result, he became nothing but skin and bones with dirty, stinky feathers.

Every time someone approached him, Kizi would panic and run away. He was very afraid of people, and it was evident that he had never been taken care of. He would spend his days wandering around, scavenging for food, and trying to survive on his own. Oksana Savchuk spotted Kizi and decided to rescue him.

She could not bear to see the poor dog living in such dire conditions, and so she brought him to a vet.

The vet was shocked at Kizi’s condition and immediately began to tend to him. Kizi was given food and drink, and he slowly started to gain back his strength. The vet neatly and cleanly trimmed him, removing all of the dirty and stinky feathers. Kizi was then bathed for the first time, and he looked like a completely different dog.

His coat was clean, and he no longer had that terrible odor. Oksana took Kizi home with her, and she started to care for him. She showed him love and affection, something that he had never experienced before. At first, Kizi was still very scared of people, but over time he started to trust Oksana and her family. As Kizi’s health continued to improve, he became more and more energetic. Kizi’s transformation was incredible.

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