In the bustling city of Shanghai, there was a little dog in a terrible condition. It had been surviving on garbage and wandering the streets for a long time. It was evident that this poor dog was neglected, with tangles and possibly alopecia. However, the real situation was far worse than what was initially thought.

Upon closer inspection, the dog’s entire back was covered in one continuous crust that was oozing pus. The smell was unbearable, and the dog was rotting alive. According to the neighbors, this situation had been marinating for about a year. Nobody knows what goes on in the heads and hearts of the people who do such cruel things.

Despite his condition, the dog was found to have owners. It is heartbreaking to think that someone could leave their pet in such a state. The dog was about six years old, and the cage was filled with pus and dirt that had damaged his skin.

It was discovered that the dog had been eating dirty and unsafe things from the landfill, which had caused his stomach to become weak. In addition, he had pneumonia, which had weakened him even further. The veterinarians who took care of him were determined to help him recover.

After shaving off his fur, the dog was taken to the vet for surgery on his back. It was a complex procedure, but the dog managed to pull through. After nearly two weeks of treatment, the dog, now named Phil, was in much better condition. He was eating better and seemed to be much happier. Phil was finally surrounded by good things and mentally stable, something that he had not experienced in a long time.

Phil had started to practice walking more, and the vets encouraged him to go for a walk to get some fresh air. They believed that it would help him forget the pain and recover faster. Although the wound on his back caused by the infection had not completely healed, Phil had made significant progress. The vets hoped that he would continue to get better with time.

Phil had been incredibly lucky to have survived for so long on his own. Most feral dogs would not have tolerated hunger and cold, and many would have been caught by bad people. After everything that he had been through, it was a wonder that he was still alive.

Despite his rough start in life, Phil had shown remarkable resilience. He was a fighter, and he had the will to live. The vets hoped that Phil would find a kind owner who would give him the love and care that he deserved. It was time for Phil to start a new chapter in his life, one that was filled with happiness and joy.

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