In a cute video, a special dog teaches a baby to crawl (Photo: Tik Tok / kahluasadventure)

In early August, Lori Dugas, a resident of Port Charlotte, United States, filmed her baby Caleb and her dog Kahlua in a moment of kindness that the dog had with the child. The publication, shared on Tik Tok, yielded hundreds of views and comments about the family dog’s performance.

Having a disability and not being able to walk normally like other dogs, Kahlua walks sitting on the ground. And perhaps Caleb wanted to imitate his four-legged friend, as in the video he is seen watching the way the dog moves.

The dog, noticing the baby’s interest, tries to teach him, and gradually Caleb moves on the ground, in a kind of crawl, with his leg tucked under his body.

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