This is a story that makes people in the city of Erode, Tamil Nadu, India, feel extremely moved: a mother monkey adopts a small stray dog, taking care and protecting it like no other. his child.

No one knows for sure why and under what circumstances the above monkey adopted the puppy, only knowing that when found, the couple was attached to each other without leaving half a step. The mother monkey holds the dog in her arms, hugs it, catches the lice for it, even bites with fierce wild dogs to protect it. Not only that, he also fed grapes to the dog and hugged him jumping from branch to branch, while the dog clung to his adoptive mother.

Afraid that the poor puppy would starve because he couldn’t eat fruit, people in the area brought a bowl of milk to feed him. When the mother monkey saw this, she let the dog eat first, while it stood by to protect it for a while before eating with it.

Eyewitnesses to this story said it seems that the mother monkey had recently lost her baby so she was still very sad, so when she saw the puppy wandering on the street, she decided to capture him. Dogs brought in to replace their children.

Although the mother monkey couple appeared to be very happy and cuddled together, the local authorities feared for the dog’s life and managed to separate it from the mother monkey. The dog is currently being cared for at an animal shelter in the city.

Either way, perhaps it was the right action of the Erode city government, since dogs and monkeys are two species with completely different habits, the other puppy probably won’t be able to live well with the monkey mother. its unwillingness.




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