With his unchanging nature, the dog has become a favorite animal of many people around the world. The loyalty of this four-legged animal has been shown through touching stories such as Hachiko the dog who always returns to the station to pick up his owner and remains the same for 10 years after his owner’s death or Digong in the station. The Philippines often pushes wheelchairs to owners.

Recently, a similar heartwarming story happened in Henan province, China. The video is about a white dog that takes his owner to the school bus stop and waits there until the girl comes home from school. The footage was posted on China’s Douyin video sharing social network by her mother. Talking about the clip, she shared that she wanted to show the world how well the dog protected her daughter.

Waiting for the car to pick up the owner
Follow her until she gets in the car
Follow her until she gets in the car
Excited to see the owner has returned from school

After watching this clip, many netizens expressed their admiration for the uncle’s loyalty , as well as the friendship between the little girl and her four-legged friend.

“This is so sweet. I hope they are always as happy together.”

“I like this dog so much. It’s so loyal and cute.”

“Many years ago, we had a cat at home and every time my dad came home from work, he would stand by the train waiting for him and go home together.”

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