This dog was covered in snow but still sitting there. Next to her was this friend who refused to leave. When she saw me, she looked like she wanted to ask for help. She wagged her tail and walked towards her friend. Turns out this dog had a trap of hers neck. She was shaking and couldn’t move because of the pain. She tried not to fall into the cold snow. We cried like babies when we saw this. What would have happened without this dog? It was she who was there to help her friend.

I can’t believe two stray dogs can behave like this. Sometimes we can’t even be like them. I took her to the shelter, she was completely healthy. She was called Lilith, here she was very happy Soon I would find her a worthy home And Polya went taken to the veterinarian for treatment. Luckily the trap didn’t go deep into the spine But inflammation and necrosis appeared. We had to be very careful to treat her wound.

Also, at that time she was also very afraid of me. After all, she still didn’t trust anyone. She didn’t trust I don’t dare eat the sausage I gave her. A few days later, I was always trying to get to know her. But she only ate it when I stay away from her I think she’ll understand everything soon. That we were just trying to help her And we would use action to prove it. For 4 months at the vet she just sat in the corner.

The only thing she did was stare at one point I didn’t expect her past to affect her like this. Her neck had healed but her heart hadn’t. So I was able to touch her. But she still closed her heart to us We were discharged from the vet and we got back home. I hope those dogs help her. I was so glad it worked, look at her. The first time she wagged her tail when she saw me.

In the end, our efforts paid off. Do you still remember this wonderful girl? She was adopted by a kind family who loved her. She brought happiness to her new home. She was a loyal dog and she deserved everything. She didn’t meet her friend Lilith in time. Because she was adopted before her friend came home. But she was the one who gave the chance to her friend And she was happy to hear that her friend recovered.

And Polya was used to life in this place. She was very happy playing with other dogs. She was healed physically and mentally Polya’s eyes used to be fear and pain. But now her eyes are full of happiness Someone will recognize her beauty and adopt her She is ready for a new chapter in her life.

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