There was a dog named Bap, once loved and cared for by a family. But when that family moved to another place, they couldn’t bring Bap with them because pets are not allowed.

Corn is sad and lonely, spending many days without food, water and care. He became weak and hungry, and eventually died of starvation on the road.

However, a woman passing by discovered Bap, she immediately took him to the veterinary hospital to save his life. The corn has been fed, drank and taken care of.

Since then, Corn was adopted by that kind woman, and named Lucky. Lucky became a happy and healthy dog, loved and well cared for by his new family. People who love Lucky understand the value of love and care, and they pledge to never ignore or abandon him.
With the love and care of his new family, Lucky becomes an incredibly loyal and loving dog. He enjoys walking on the beach, playing with other dogs, and even enjoys traveling with his family.

One day, while walking on the beach, Lucky meets the woman who saved his life. She was overjoyed to see that Lucky was adopted and turned into a happy dog. Lucky and his new family thanked her for saving his life and for being an important part of Lucky’s life.

From Lucky’s story, we can see the power of love and care. Small actions like saving the life of a starving dog can make a big difference to an organism’s life. Let’s take care and love the animals around us, because they have the same right to live and be loved as we do.
Lucky’s story can also inspire many others, sparking humanity’s compassion and volunteering for animal welfare issues.

Many organizations and volunteer groups have formed to help, save and protect animals from cruelty and neglect. These volunteers work hard to save the lives of thousands of animals that are starved, abused and abandoned each year. They also launched propaganda campaigns to raise people’s awareness about animal protection issues.

Thanks to these efforts, many animals have been saved and cared for better, and volunteers have spread the message of love and care for animals.

From Lucky’s story, let’s learn many things, about love, care, kindness and volunteering. Let’s protect and care for the animals around us together, and make this world a better place!
After a long time living in a loving and caring environment, Lucky became very healthy and happy. He has had a wonderful life with his new family, hanging out, traveling and having many loving people.

However, Lucky’s health suddenly deteriorated and he had to be hospitalized for treatment. Lucky’s new family is very worried and praying for him. But fortunately, Lucky recovered after a long time of treatment and returned to his normal life.

From Lucky’s story, let’s learn valuable lessons about health and love. Please always care and take care of the animals around us, because we are responsible for the lives of other creatures. Let’s always put health and love first, so that we can help those around us and make this world a better place.

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