Flirting with a teammate’s girlfriend or group hysteria are proofs that Messi is not “benign” as many people think.
Scandal with hot girls

In 2011, Andrea Rincon, a long-legged Argentine nude photographer, revealed her affair with Messi on a TV show. At that time, the super striker of Barcelona was still “dating” with his young girlfriend Antonella Roccuzzo.

Andrea Rincon revealed that in 2010, she and Messi “crossed the line” when he returned to his hometown to play a friendly match with Spain. Contacted back and forth for a while, finally, the beauty of Playboy magazine took the initiative to withdraw because their relationship was entangled in many controversies.

Andrea Rincon từng công khai khen ngợi "kỹ năng phòng the" của Messi.

In 2013, female fan full of marketing Larissa Riquelme accused Messi of using money to solicit her to bed. In a TV program in Chile, the super beauty of the first round frankly revealed: “You won’t believe it if you know the truth about a player who once lured me into prostitution. He is an excellent striker. best of the world”. After being confirmed by a reporter if it was Messi or not, Larissa Riquelme did not hesitate to confirm it. “But I’m not an easy woman. I refused right away.” – bare long legs. Many people suspect that this is just a story that Larissa Riquelme “embroidered” herself to polish her name. However, the beauty insists she has enough evidence to prove her statements.

Larissa Riquelme cho rằng Messi không thể khơi lại sức hút của mình.
Larissa Riquelme thinks that Messi cannot resist his attractiveness.
Larissa Riquelme thinks that Messi cannot resist his attractiveness.

Not long ago, El Pulga was also involved in an equally popular scandal. Argentina’s Pronto magazine has “raw” the image of Messi “happy” next to a dancer on the cover. Specifically, the No. 10 striker was photographed while leaning his face on the blonde dancer’s chest, his eyes fearfully directed towards the camera. Pronto also raised the tension to the climax when the title of the article was “Restful Night in Las Vegas”. The incident caused a wave of intense outrage and severely damaged Messi’s reputation.

Một trong những scandal kinh khủng nhất trong suốt sự nghiệp của Messi.

Flirting with your girlfriend

In April 2011, the good boy of the football village once again broke his image because he was “sticky” for his girlfriend. The world’s top superstar has blatantly flirted with Sabrina Ravelli, the lover of player Neri Cardozo (a close teammate of Messi in the Argentina U20 team).

Sabrina Ravelli is a famous actress and model in Argentina. Thanks to the introduction of Neri Cardozo, Messi and the charming muse met and exchanged contact information. After that, Messi continuously sent sweet messages to Ravelli online. Even when she has a new boyfriend who is a singer, the Barca striker still does not stop “courting”.

Người đẹp chia sẻ: “Đối với tôi, những hành động tán tỉnh của Messi là vô liêm sỉ bởi tôi đã có bạn trai được một năm nhưng Lionel vẫn liên tục nhắn tin cho tôi khiến tôi gặp rất nhiều phiền phức”. Sabrina Ravelli còn “chơi trội” hơn khi đăng tải đoạn chat webcam “bật mí” thói trăng hoa của Messi. Trong clip, siêu sao người Argentina mời chân dài đi chơi và thân mật hỏi thăm: “Em yêu, hôm nay em thế nào?

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