Argentina won an arduous victory over the Netherlands in the quarter-finals of the 2022 World Cup. After a 2-2 draw after extra time, the South American team won 4-3 in the penalty shootout.

Lời tiên tri đáng sợ của Messi ảnh 3

Olympic Stadium race against time SEA Games 32
Olympic Stadium race against time SEA Games 32
(PLO)- Installing seats is the last item at the Olympic stadium to serve football at the 32nd SEA Games opening on April 29.
Argentina opened the scoring thanks to Molina’s strike in the 35th minute, after Lionel Messi’s great play. The M10 captain skillfully ran across the midfield, past Dutch defender Nathan Ake before passing the ball to Molina on the right side of the penalty area. The right-back made a beautiful finish to give Argentina the lead.

Chúa sẽ trao vương miện cho Messi'

Looking back at his only goal at the 2022 World Cup, Molina revealed how Messi had predicted that Argentina would score from Molina’s right flank against the Netherlands.

Messi’s scary prophecy photo 2
The Argentina team beat the Netherlands in the quarterfinals of the World Cup 2022. Photo: GETTY.

Molina said via AlbicelesteTalk: “We were in tactical training before the game against the Netherlands and coach Scaloni told the players to take a bolder strategy, like: ‘We have to create difference from the right side of Molina”.

We trained very well together and Leo in practice also made the most amazing pass for me. Then, at another point, we were standing together at the end of the pitch and Leo said to me: ‘Tomorrow we’re going to score from here and the Netherlands won’t be able to stand these tackles’.

Molina concluded by saying: “On game day, both Messi and coach Scaloni kept telling me: ‘We’re going to score from your right, believe it. I was scared and nervous to do this and luckily I succeeded. Leo was really scary with what he predicted.”

Lời tiên tri đáng sợ của Messi ảnh 2
Molina all praises captain Messi for predicting like a god about goals. Photo: GETTY.

Lionel Messi emerged as the tournament’s best star as Argentina won the 2022 World Cup. The 35-year-old won the World Cup golden ball, scoring seven goals and assisting three times in seven games. fighting in Qatar.

Returning to the club with the status of a champion, Messi had his ups and downs when PSG were eliminated from the Champions League. In the domestic league, after two consecutive defeats at home, PSG returned with a 3-1 victory at Parc des Princes against the third-placed team Lens, opening a gap of up to 8 points at the top of the table compared to the top of the table. Marseille.

Kylian Mbappe, Vitinha and Lionel Messi scored in the first half, while Przemyslaw Frankowski removed the honor from the penalty spot for Lens in the second half.

Chùm ảnh Messi và Argentina trở về nước trong biển người chào đón
Messi and his PSG teammates are eliminated from the Champions League this season. Photo: GETTY.

After being whistled in the previous two games at home, Messi also put in an impressive performance over the weekend. In the 40th minute, the Argentina captain received the ball from a distance of 25m from the Lens goal. He dribbled deep inside, played with Mbappe, and completed a confident finish to put PSG 3-0 up.

In addition to the goal, Lionel Messi also created 3 chances, completed 2 dribbles, passed 9 times into the opponent’s penalty area, and made 3 accurate long passes. Messi and PSG’s contracts will end this summer, but the two have not confirmed their continued commitment to each other.

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