Meeting the owner again after 2 weeks of being lost, the blind dog lunged at An and kissed him, while the mute shoemaker kept smiling, punching his chest.

On December 7, after two weeks of losing a blind dog named Vang, Mr. Tran Khac An was extremely happy when an acquaintance found him and returned it. Hugging the dog tightly, he couldn’t stop smiling, his hand on his chest expressing his sympathy. He gave himself a “take off” for a day at home to take care of it. In front of the door of the hut where he is staying at the foot of Thu Thiem bridge (District 2), he also made a paper board, asked someone to write the two words ‘marriage’ to do a “wedding ceremony” for Gold and the new dog.

An is dumb, illiterate, naive, and daily shines shoes on Thai Van Lung and Le Thanh Ton streets

“An has been homeless for more than 20 years. He shines shoes during the day, sleeps on the street at night, but is very polite and honest. He is poor but very independent, anyone who helps but is not sincere is not. accept,” said Mr. Sang, 60 years old, a motorbike taxi driver, living in Ben Nghe Ward, District 1, who has known Mr. An for a long time.

Three years ago, Mr. An was polishing his shoes when he saw a blind, two-eyed yellow child abandoned by the roadside, so he brought it home to raise. “Ang Quy Vang is like a child, takes very good care of him. When a dog is sick, he is worried, he stops buying medicine and then takes a break from work to take care of him. Whoever hurts him, his face scowls,” said Mr. Sang. He also witnessed that someone wanted to buy a dog at a high price for the purpose of helping him, but An refused.

When Vang was young, An put it in a basket with personal belongings and tools to carry. When he grew up, An carried a basket in one hand and led the dog with the other. “The two children are attached to each other like a picture with a shadow. The owner eats what the dog eats. At noon and at night the owner sleeps on the street, the dog stays beside him to watch,” Mr. Sang said.

On November 20, Mr. An lost his golden child, lost his mind and was sad, refused to eat or drink, met everyone to ask questions, but couldn’t put it into words.

Knowing An and his dog for a long time because he is often sent to look after him, Mr. Nguyen Thang (32 years old, in Ben Nghe Ward, District 1), who is studying to be a veterinarian, decided to look for a family. He posted information on social networks, and went to all slaughterhouses, parks, crowded places, construction sites in District 2 and District 9 to search.

“Many people said don’t look anymore, Vang was already killed, but seeing An so sad, I couldn’t bear it,” Thang said. The Golden Child has the characteristic of running around when sleepy or looking for a master.

On December 3, a miracle happened. Gold was seen by a construction worker in the sewer, his fur was covered with mud, so he brought it home to bathe and feed. At night, this person took the new “friend” to the intersection to play. A passerby saw a chained dog running in a circle, with golden fur, so he informed Thang.

Redeeming the gold, Mr. Thang bathed, trimmed the hair, injected tonics to make the animal healthy, then handed it back to Mr. An.

At the foot of Thu Thiem Bridge, District 2, Mr. An asked for an old canvas and some bricks to build a temporary hut. There is no electricity, water has to be begged, there are only a few chairs, a table and a chair for him to sleep on, but the equipment for Gold is very complete. He bought it from shower gel, eye drops, insect spray, some pretty shirts and candy, bananas for Vang to eat weaning.

Talking about his plan to raise Gold in the near future, he raised 5 fingers and pointed at the shoe shine tool box, meaning that 5 days a week he would take it to shine shoes. After that, he raised two more fingers and pointed to the sidewalk cafe, which means that he went to the shop to help earn extra income on two weekends. After saying that, he hugged his “friend” tightly, pressing his face to his mouth. At midday, the wind blew, making the canvas flutter, covering the man who was playing with his two dogs.

Listening to Mr. Thang jokingly say: “The gold that I found, so it will be mine now”, Mr. An blushed, shook his head vigorously, his fingers waved back and forth, meaning: “No, the gold is mine”.

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