It’s always exciting when movies imitate real life situations, but it’s rare for it to happen the other way around. When something looks like it’s straight out of a movie, news tends to spread like wildfire. This was the case with Pisco the cat, who recently became an internet sensation with a photo that bears an uncanny resemblance to Puss in Boots from the memorable scene in Shrek 2 where he used his secret weapon: the cat eyes.

Fortunately for Pisco, this isn’t just a coincidence – he has stunning cat eyes that he flaunts 24/7. He may be a little bit chonky, but that just adds to his charm, along with his irresistible fur.

#1 They say no one is perfect, but Pisco proves otherwise

#2 Baby Yoda has competition

#3 His face is just pure purrfection

#4 Pisco looks adorable in a costume too

#5 Cuteness overload! Can’t. Resist. Must. Give. Treats…

#6 Pisco’s black paws perfectly match his wide black pupils

#7 His cute looks make sure that you can’t resist giving him a treat

#8 When you stare into the abyss of Pisco’s eyes, the abyss stares back at you

#9 What a fluff sandwich

#10 Even despite his eyes, he has many great qualities. First, he’s a bit chonky

#11 The similarity to the memorable Shrek 2 scene isn’t just a lucky one-time coincidence, Pisco’s eyes are always like that

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