What would you do to save your pet’s life? For many pet owners, there’s no limit: people have scraped together the cash to pay off even the steepest vet bills, if it means keeping their best friend alive.

Recently, one man was faced with a whopping $20,000 vet bill to save his beloved dog, and was willing to sell his house to make it happen. But thankfully, a miracle happened instead.

Jaxon Feeley, from Wigan, England, is the owner of a 2-year-old Weimaraner named Rambo, and last month he experienced every dog owner’s nightmare as the young dog suddenly became seriously ill.

“She began vomiting throughout the night over 30 times and by Saturday morning we were in the emergency vets,” Feeley wrote. Rambo had gone into hypovolemic shock, and also had gastroenteritis. The dog spent many days in intensive care, and though her condition stabled, her medical bills soon began to add up.

“Rambo’s insurance has covered her up to £6500. Her bill is now up to £11,500 after 1 week in care,” Feeley wrote. “It is unknown how long Rambo will need to stay at the vets and intensive care costs is approximately £1000 per day. If the worst happens and Rambo requires major surgery, the cost of this as well as the aftercare is something I need to be able to give my little baby girl.”

Despite the astronomical cost, Feeley said he would do whatever it takes to provide his beloved pet with the care she needs, even if it meant selling his own home to get the money.

“There was no way in hell I was ever going to give up on this gorgeous girl, she is just a little baby, with a want to live and be happy with her big brother Rocky and the Feeleys,” the owner wrote.

Thankfully, he didn’t need to, thanks to the kindness of strangers. He set up a GoFundMe account, explaining Rambo’s story, and many people were moved to donate.

It raised more than Feeley could have dreamed of: as of this writing, the fundraiser has made over £25,000, more than doubling the initial £10,000 goal. Feeley received even better news: Rambo’s condition continued to improve to the point where she was finally able to come home, he wrote in a February 4 update.

“Over the last 3 days, Rambo has pulled off a miracle, hour by hour she has increased her oxygen efficiency, started eating and drinking, her lungs are slowly recovering and we started to see that beautiful little personality resurface. She got herself into a little routine of seeing me for 10 minutes every 4 hours that she even knew what corner of the waiting room to find me in.”

Feeley and Rambo are now home together, and thanks to the kind donation of strangers they’ll be able to afford any care Rambo needs.

“There are no words to express how grateful I am for everyone’s love, support & donations over the last 2 weeks. It genuinely means more than you will ever know,” he wrote.

It’s true that people will do anything for their pets, and it’s inspiring how determined this owner was to keep his dog alive.

Jackie Hornung has gone viral for riding the New york city City Subway with her pooch Lumi in a backpack.

Jackie Hornung is revealing that some rules are just meant to be broken.

The New York City native has actually gone viral on TikTok for carrying her large white samoyed dog, Lumi, on the train– with one video racking up a whopping 1.4 million views.

When asked why she does it by one of her followers, Hornung responded to just that “dogs need to be in bags on the NYC subway! To ensure that’s why he’s in a backpack!”

A video posted to her @littlebearlumi account shows Hornung entering the subway with a large green hiking backpack including Lumi on her back with his paws on her shoulders and his head sticking out to the side.

She also revealed a brief clip of her holding on to a chair on the train while she attempted to balance with Lumi on her back.

Lumi is in between 1 and 1/2 years of ages and stands around 2 feet tall when on all fours, she lately told Newsweek. He also “loves being carried” and is ” quite calm” when being in the K9 sports sack, she added to the outlet– not least because he “gets a lot of animals, which he very much enjoys.”

Despite his size, Hornung claimed the pup is surprisingly light, informing one commenter in the video that he was about 55 Pounds. When asked if his legs get “squished” while in the bag, Hornung responded that her bag was “pretty spacious” and had “a good system at the bottom for him to sit normally in.”

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According to the Cornell University web site, New York law states that “No person might bring any animal on or right into any conveyance or center unless enclosed in a container and carried in a manner which would not annoy other passengers.”

Working dogs with law enforcement or service dogs who have actually been trained to guide people with specials needs are exempt from this rule. Yet even people with service dogs should show “proof of affiliation with a expert training school” and that the pet is a licensed service animal, added Cornell University.

In response to the rule, several people have come up with creative methods to sneak their dogs onto the train, including some that have put their dogs right into an Ikea bag with holes cut out for the dogs’ legs. Various Other New Yorkers have actually posted shots of them carrying their dogs in handbags and gym bags.

Lumi himself appears to enjoy the experience of touring N.Y.C. The pooch can be seen taking a look at several iconic landmarks including Grand Central Station, Central Park and Rockefeller Center on his Instagram page.

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