It originally had a mother and siblings, but because of the irresponsibility of the owners, the puppy was abandoned by them. They left the small dogs in the street instead of finding them good owners.

Nor is it known why Gunnar was separated from his siblings and left alone.

Gunnar was disoriented and didn’t know where to go. It wanders the streets when it cannot find its family. Puppies become exhausted, increasingly hungry and tired from lack of food or water.

Fortunately, two kind people saw and helped Gunnar in time. The little dog was taken to the vet and had some tests done. There were many fleas, ticks and parasites on the dog’s body at that time… It had to live in terrible circumstances. Poor Gunnar lost a lot of blood and suffered acute anemia.

However, the dog was fortunate to meet experienced veterinarians; they know exactly what to do to fix it.

And after all the suffering, the lovely Gunnar finally found a new family. A woman, knowing the plight of the dog, decided to adopt it and bring it home to take care of.

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