What a heart-wrenching case! How is it possible for a dog to suffer so much? I came across a dog who was in a pitiful state. She was extremely malnourished, unable to move, and had a rotten smell. It was evident that she had been lying in the same position for a long time, as she had scars on her skin from not being able to change her position.

As I learned more about her, I discovered that she was an adult dog, which made the situation even more heartbreaking. Despite the countless people who had passed by her, she had received no help. I named her Qatar, and immediately, the doctors at the veterinary clinic bathed her to begin conducting exams and administering medication. The stench from her body was overwhelming, a result of extreme malnutrition.

Qatar was hungry, and she devoured a can of A/D, a special food for dogs with malnutrition. The exams revealed no fractures, but it was clear that she had suffered greatly from dehydration and lack of nutrition. We did everything we could to make her comfortable. When we placed a soft bedspread underneath her, she moved her body, rubbing against it as if experiencing comfort for the first time.

Qatar was bathed, her nails were trimmed, and her bleeding eyes were cleaned to relieve her pain. She eagerly ate three meals and drank a lot of water to rehydrate herself. She slept peacefully on a quilt, and she passed away in her sleep. Qatar, our little angel, had chosen us to be with her in her final moments. It was evident that she was now free from suffering, and we were grateful to have been able to provide her with some comfort in her last hours.

Heaven truly deserves Qatar more than we do. Her story is a tragic reminder of the importance of recognizing and addressing animal suffering. No animal should have to endure such extreme neglect and abuse. It is our responsibility to be vigilant and compassionate towards the welfare of animals, and to take action to prevent cases like Qatar’s from happening in the future. Rest in peace, dear Qatar, you will always be remembered.

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