The poor dog had been injured in a traffic accident and was found lying alone on the snow-covered roadside. There were no words to describe the heartbreak I felt when I saw him. I held him in my arms, but my heart was heavy with sorrow.

After taking Mihaita to the vet, X-ray results revealed that he had 5 fractures, 3 broken legs, and a distorted spine. Despite his injuries, Mihaita was an exceptionally good and lovely puppy, but the pain he was enduring was unimaginable. He underwent surgery and thankfully stabilized afterwards. His broken and bent joints were carefully restored to their original positions.

However, the question of whether Mihaita would be able to walk again remained uncertain. He underwent various treatments, including parvo treatments and prescriptions from a specialist. Unfortunately, complications from parvovirus after the first surgery hindered the healing process. Mihaita wasn’t feeling well, and he stopped eating, only drinking some water and lying still. His movement was limited due to the risk of brain edema.

Despite the challenges, Mihaita bravely fought against his fate. He was a true hero, and one day, he surprised us all by standing on his own feet, taking small but important steps towards his recovery. He kept a mental pool of comfort and happiness, and it seemed that good things were on the horizon.

Mihaita continued his treatments, and eventually, he was cured of the parvovirus. Although he would never fully return to normal, it didn’t matter at that time. He was a determined and resilient little guy who took his vitamins and supplements diligently to regain his health. He underwent hydrotherapy once his wounds were fully healed, and he made great strides in his recovery. I was immensely proud of him, as he learned to express his emotions, took confident steps, and regained his confidence.

Mihaita’s journey to recovery was not easy, but it was filled with hope and determination. He proved that with proper care, love, and support, even the most challenging circumstances can be overcome. I was grateful to be a part of Mihaita’s story, and seeing him progress and thrive brought me immeasurable joy. Mihaita’s resilience and spirit serve as an inspiration to us all, reminding us of the incredible resilience and strength of animals in the face of adversity.

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