From Injured and Scared to Happy and Loved – The Story of Little Rosie

It all started with a call for help – a poor puppy unable to stand, dragging herself on the grass, scared and shy, trying to hide from the rescuers. It was clear she was in pain, screaming with every move, and looking at them with shedding tears, as if pleading for help. The rescuers didn’t know what had happened, but it was suspected that she had been hit by a car. Despite her fear of people, they knew they had to act immediately to save her.

They named her Rosie, and rushed her to the vet station. X-rays revealed that both of her hind legs were broken, and she would need surgery to fix them with fixators. The surgery was scheduled for the next day, and little Rosie underwent the procedure with bravery. She was then allowed to rest and recover, but she remained extremely shy and scared, always trying to hide away in the corner.

Day 1 after the surgery, the good news came – Rosie’s surgery was a success, and she now had fixators in her hind legs. Day 3, she was able to “walk” again, showing incredible resilience and determination to overcome her injuries. She also started to gain trust little by little, and the rescuers were falling in love with her. Day 4, Rosie was waiting for an exam, looking for a perfect spot to sit, showing signs of progress and hope for her future.

As the days went by, Rosie continued to recover, gaining more confidence and becoming less afraid. Day 11, she expressed her desires to be a little lady, to go to school, and to achieve straight A’s, just like her fellow furry friend Caki. Despite her shyness, she showed her capacity to give and receive love, and the rescuers were amazed by her transformation.

Day 38, Rosie’s recovery was in full swing, and she was able to walk normally on all four paws. She received vaccines against infectious diseases and continued to show her affectionate and cuddly side. Day 85, the time came for Rosie to go to her forever home in England, where she would be surrounded by care and love from her new family. It was a mutual feeling of nervousness and love, as Rosie embarked on a new world and a new life.

From an injured and scared little girl, Rosie had transformed into a happy and loved companion. Her journey was a testament to the resilience and strength of animals, and the power of care and compassion from dedicated rescuers. Rosie’s story touched the hearts of many, and she will always be remembered as a brave and adorable little girl who overcame challenges and found a loving home where she can flourish and thrive.

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