Recently, Hai Phong Animal Sponsoring Station page shared heartbreaking images. Accordingly, a Poodle was tied up with a muzzle and thrown into a garbage bag that was emitting a strong smell.

Worth mentioning, when the trash bag was opened, the dog’s eyes filled with tears, looking very pitiful. According to the post’s share, ‘it just lay there and couldn’t get up, trying to open its eyes wide to see everything, to see the badness that life has brought to it, that place where humanity wanted to abandon and kill c.kill it’.

When these poignant images were shared, many people were outraged at the behavior of someone (possibly the dog’s owner) towards a living creature…

– If you can’t raise it, give it to someone else to raise it, it’s obvious that you’re still alive, but you can’t afford to throw it in the trash.

– I’m so sorry. It’s cruel and cruel.

– This kind of thing is trying to kill the baby, right? and tie the tape so you don’t call for help.

Rescuers have appealed for funds to check the dog’s health. According to the Hai Phong Animal Welfare Station page, after examining, the doctor diagnosed both hepatitis and blood parasitic infection.

Currently, the dog is being cared for well, when it is really healthy, the rescuers will find a new owner for him.

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