Meet Rona! A dog who endured unimaginable pain and suffering but showed incredible resilience. Rona was hit by a car and left lying in a ditch for three days without food or water. Despite her dire situation, she mustered all her strength and lifted her head out of the grass, hoping for help. Many passed by without showing any concern, but I couldn’t bear the indifference. I knew I had to do something.

I took Rona from the ditch and brought her to Vet4life, where she received immediate medical attention. The extent of her injuries was heart-wrenching – a broken pelvis, broken front limbs, and a broken mouth. To make matters worse, Rona was just 3-4 months old, a mere puppy who had already suffered so much.

Tomorrow, Rona will undergo surgery performed by Dr. Luigi Carstinoiu, whom I am immensely grateful for. She is currently stable, but she will require a long hospitalization, physical therapy, and electrolytes to regain her mobility. Rona is a fighter, and every day, she shows signs of improvement.

Rona deserves a chance at a happy childhood and a loving family. She has already been through so much and deserves a second chance at life. If you are someone who can offer Rona the love and care she needs, please visit the link in the description of the video to learn how you can help this poor baby. Rona is a resilient and intelligent pup who will undoubtedly thrive in a nurturing environment.

I am grateful to Kola Kariola for giving birth to Rona again and providing her with the care she needs. Rona’s story is a powerful reminder of the resilience and strength of animals, and it also sheds light on the importance of compassion and action in the face of suffering. Let’s come together to help Rona and give her the bright future she deserves. Thank you to all those who have shown support, and let’s continue to spread awareness about Rona’s story and help her on her journey to recovery.

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