The poor dog, whom we later named Granpa, was found wandering on the road, his stomach bloated and his body showing signs of sickness. He moved slowly, hungry and seemingly hopeless, waiting for help. We took him to the vet for treatment.

The vet diagnosed Granpa with a severe cold and runny nose that had been persisting for 2-3 days. His blinking eyes were abnormal, and his hepatic level was high, although not to the extent that surgery was not possible. What was strange was that despite testing positive for filariasis, there were no worms present. An X-ray revealed the presence of a stone or bone in his stomach.

The vet initially tried to help Granpa pass the stone or bone naturally, but it proved to be unsuccessful. As the days went by, Granpa’s condition worsened, and he was in immense pain. After 10 days of waiting, it was determined that he needed surgery to remove the obstruction. He was transferred to a larger hospital in Pocheon that was equipped to perform the necessary surgery.

The surgery was successful, but it revealed a more serious situation than we had anticipated. It turned out that it wasn’t the stone that was causing the blockage, but rather hardened feces that had accumulated and formed a “stone-like” obstruction in his colon. Granpa had been suffering from chronic constipation, and it had reached a critical stage.

Despite the challenging situation, Granpa showed remarkable resilience and determination to recover. He received special care and treatment every day, and slowly but steadily, he began to show signs of improvement. Day by day, Granpa’s health improved, and after 45 days, he was nearly healed and healthy.

Granpa’s transformation was truly remarkable. He was a fighter, and his will to live was evident in every step of his recovery. He regained his energy and vitality, and he formed close bonds with the other dogs at the hospital. His playful nature and friendly demeanor won the hearts of everyone around him.

On day 50, Granpa was discharged from the hospital and was ready to start a new chapter in his life. He found his forever home with a loving family who was committed to providing him with the care and attention he needed. Now, Granpa is living his best life, surrounded by love, and enjoying every moment to the fullest.

We are grateful for the support and care that Granpa received throughout his journey to recovery. It is a testament to the power of compassion and determination in healing and transforming lives. Granpa’s story is a reminder that every life is precious and deserving of a second chance, and with the right care and love, even the most challenging situations can have a happy ending.

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