In the swamp, there was an object that turned out to be a tightly tied bag. In it, someone moved and cried. The children were frightened and ran after their parents, who took out and untied the bag. In the bag they found a thin and dirty dog ​​with very unhappy eyes, in which there were tears. The dog turned out to be a Husky.

After they released the unfortunate animal, they began to go home. However, people noticed that the dog did not even try to get up, she continued to whine and drag her thin dirty paws on the grass. Then it dawned on them that the poor thing could not walk. As if begging for help, the husky crawled after people with the last of her strength and leaned against their feet, and when she was stroked, she began to lick her hands.

How is this possible? Not only was she betrayed, but even left in such a state in a tied bag so that she could not get out. It was not even too lazy to drag him to the swamp. I can’t imagine how rotten and cruel this man is to do such a thing. This is how some people deal with friends in trouble. Although, judging from what we found out later, the dog was thrown out not because of a disability, but at first they did it.

Now I’ll tell you in order. One of the women called the volunteer organization and the huskies were brought to the veterinary clinic. The veterinarians were shocked as they had never seen anything like this before. The dog had a condition with which they no longer bring. At the first appointment, the volunteers recorded it as Bullet, because there were two of them in it.

No one wanted to take such a dog for overexposure, and no one thought that she could get out. Because the dog became my ward. When I heard her story, I cried. This is a real nightmare. These are the people, or rather non-humans. I still downplay some situations, and not exaggerate, as some people think.

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