Ronaldo was met with fierce criticism, even being asked to be expelled from Saudi Arabia when he took the “guts” and then turned to the fans in the stands chanting the name of Lionel Messi, who is considered the CR7’s great rival, Al Nassr’s 0-2 loss to Al Hilal

The former MU star is now making noise again when the Portuguese media raised the crisis that broke out between him and his fiancée Georgina.

In the program “Noite das Estrelas” broadcast on the Portuguese channel CMTV, Quintino Aires, a psychologist and a close friend of Dolores Aveiro, Ronaldo’s mother frankly said: “Unusual behavior. Ronaldo’s performance in recent times shows two things: first, his personal life has not had a single happy moment. And second, the further Ronaldo is away from his mother, Dolores Aveiro, the less in control he has.”

Quintino also did not forget to “spin” Georgina when asserting: “We all know who makes Ronaldo more and more distant from his family”.

Ronaldo and his fiancée Georgina are having conflicts

Ronaldo and his fiancée Georgina are having conflicts

Things got even louder when Quintino added: “Georgina spends all day in the shopping malls in Riyadh and that’s one of the reasons why Ronaldo started to find this story not funny at all. In Ronaldo’s eyes. , Georgina clearly doesn’t do anything but spend money. Worse when Georgina is sure she meets Ronaldo’s standards.

In addition to the program “Noite das Estrelas” broadcast on CMTV channel, the cover of TV Guia magazine in Portugal also highlights the crisis between CR7 and Georgina through images and headlines about this couple.

Before so many negative rumors poured into the famous couple, a close friend of Ronaldo, Filipa Castro defended when asserting that everything between them was fine.

“I can confirm from a 100% reliable source that your relationship is as great as ever. These are gossip stories made up by people who can’t stand Georgina,” said Filipa Castro loudly.


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