It was a heartbreaking sight when a baby animal was found crumbled and stuck in the railway. The three-week-old baby was left there to die mercilessly, with the possibility of getting run over by a train. After being rescued, the animal was still frightened and refused to eat. It was evident that this little one had been abandoned for a long time, as it had various parasites and a fluctuating temperature.

With patience and care, the rescue team managed to remove all the fleas and ticks on its body, but the baby was still weak and needed to be dipped. The animal stayed in the clinic for some time and was given vaccinations to boost its health. After the animal had fully recovered, it was time to find a forever home.

Similarly, a little girl named Diana was also rescued by the team. Most of her siblings were poisoned, but with a miracle, Diana survived. She was in pain and couldn’t walk properly when she was found. Diana refused to eat, and her belly was swollen due to worms. After several weeks of treatment, Diana regained her health and confidence. She put on weight and became a gorgeous and confident young animal.

Like the baby animal, Diana was also given vaccinations and was waiting for her forever home. Both animals were lucky to have crossed paths with a caring and loving rescue team that ensured their survival. With hope in their hearts, the team was determined to find a loving home for these animals, where they could live a happy life and forget their painful past.

After enduring so much pain, the two animals deserved a chance at a better life. As people, it’s our responsibility to provide animals with a loving home and care that they deserve. Let’s come together to create a better future for all animals.

It was a heart-wrenching sight when a concerned lady alerted us about an abandoned dog in her area. The poor canine had been tied up with twine near the town hall, left to fend for itself. Despite the lady’s efforts to seek help from the town council, nothing was done except for a simple announcement.

One of the local residents decided to take matters into their own hands and untied the twine, but the dog just stayed there, patiently waiting for its owner to come back. However, it became evident that the owner had abandoned the dog, as it was in a terrible condition – emaciated, malnourished, and with wounds on its neck, presumably from the tight twine.

I tried to approach the scared and skittish dog, but it ran away, afraid of human interaction. I couldn’t risk holding the twine, as it might have caused the dog more harm. So, I left a bowl of food and water for it and hoped for the best. To my relief, the dog took the food eagerly, perhaps the first meal it had had in weeks.

With each passing day, I kept an eye on the dog, whom I named Candy. It was evident that she was in desperate need of medical attention, as her wounds were deep and infected. Eventually, I was able to gain her trust and took her to the vet.

Despite the dog’s emaciated state and the severity of her wounds, she behaved remarkably well at the vet’s clinic. The wounds on her neck were almost touching the bone, making it difficult to remove the twine, but with Candy’s support, we were able to carefully cut it off. She also had an injury on her right ear, likely from a scuffle with other animals.

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