Sarang’s story touched the hearts of many people who visited the shelter. His resilience and positive attitude despite all the hardships he faced inspired others to give more love and care to the animals in the shelter.

As Sarang’s health improved, the shelter staff started looking for a forever home for him. They posted his story and photos on social media and received an overwhelming response from people who wanted to adopt him.

After careful consideration, the shelter staff found a family who seemed like the perfect match for Sarang. They were a couple who had recently lost their dog and were looking for a new furry friend to love and care for.

The adoption process was thorough, with multiple visits to ensure that Sarang would be going to a safe and loving home. When the day finally came for Sarang to leave the shelter, the staff were emotional and happy at the same time.

Sarang’s new family was overjoyed to finally meet him. They had prepared their home with all the essentials that Sarang would need, including toys, food, and a cozy bed.

As soon as Sarang arrived at his new home, he explored every nook and cranny. He was curious and excited, wagging his tail and giving kisses to his new family.

The couple spent the first few weeks getting to know Sarang and bonding with him. They took him on walks, played with him in the yard, and cuddled with him on the couch.

Sarang was a happy and contented dog in his new home. He had a large backyard to run and play in, and a loving family to care for him. His skin disease was completely cured, and he was free from heartworm.

Sarang’s fur had grown back, and he looked like a completely different dog from the emaciated puppy that was found in the mountains.

He had a new lease on life, and his happy and positive attitude had not changed one bit. His new family adored him, and he was the center of their world.

Sarang’s story is a reminder of the resilience and strength of animals. Despite being abandoned and mistreated, Sarang never lost his trust in humans. He remained loving and kind, and his positive attitude helped him recover from his illnesses.

His story also highlights the importance of animal shelters and the amazing work they do. Without the shelter staff, Sarang would not have received the medical attention and care he needed to recover.

It also highlights the importance of responsible pet ownership. Sarang’s original owner did not take responsibility for his pet, causing Sarang to suffer from neglect and abandonment. It is important for pet owners to take care of their pets and not abandon them when they become sick or old.

Sarang’s story ended happily, but many animals in shelters are still waiting for their forever homes. If you are considering getting a pet, please consider adopting from a shelter. You can change an animal’s life and give them the love and care they deserve.

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