In a world where people often turn a blind eye to the suffering of animals, Daisy’s story is a beacon of hope. She was just a tiny puppy, around two months old, left alone in the world, in front of an abandoned building filled with trash. But she was waiting. Waiting for someone to come and save her from a life of misery and neglect.

A man who passed by told her rescuer that just a week ago, there were six puppies with Daisy. But they were all hit by cars, and only she survived. Daisy was afraid to move, seeing her brothers and sisters die, left without their mom. She was alone, at the mercy of the fast cars and the people who may or may not stop to feed her.

When Daisy’s rescuer saw her, she knew she couldn’t leave her there to die. Despite having a debt, she knew that she had to save this helpless creature. Daisy was matted and skinny, and had vomited grass, which was probably the only thing she could find to eat in that awful place. The rescuer took her in and named her Daisy.

Daisy was groomed, and her matted hair was fixed. She was taken to the vet for a checkup and to do all the necessary tests. Thankfully, the vet said that Daisy was healthy, and she was treated for parasites against fleas and ticks. She was monitored for the next seven days to make sure that no virus surfaces. The rescuer fell in love with Daisy, and everyone who met her went nuts over her. She was always wagging her tail and giving kisses.

After just nine days, Daisy was recovering well. She was gaining weight and didn’t need any more help, thanks to all the people who helped her. On day 20, Daisy wanted to say hi to everyone and let them know that she was very loved and spoiled. She played, wagged her tail, and gave kisses all around. Daisy’s life on a landfill next to the street where her brothers and sisters lost their lives was forgotten. She was a real baby now.

And then came the wonderful news. Daisy had been reserved and was going to live with her new family, Mariska and Frank, who were big animal lovers and already had one of the rescuer’s dogs. Daisy was going to be treated like a little princess, just like she deserved. On day 45, Daisy was still loving her new life and was especially fond of her food. On day 60, Daisy was on her way to her forever home in the Netherlands, where she would be treated like a princess.

Daisy’s story is a reminder that there is still hope in the world. There are still people who care and who will go out of their way to save a helpless animal. And thanks to all the people who helped Daisy, she got the happy ending that she deserved.


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