A tourist to China took a picture of a mysterious “monster” in a valley in Huairou, north of Beijing.

The unnamed man and his friends went to a mountainous area, not far from the Great Wall of China to camp, when suddenly discovered a strange creature.

“I went out to look for a place to pee, and suddenly I saw a monster. I took a picture of it, but now I feel very scared,” the tourist recalled.

This tourist quickly took pictures and posted them online. Immediately, images of this Gollum-like monster became a hot topic of discussion on social networking sites.

The photo clearly shows a creature with a strange shape and skin color hiding next to a ravine and has a clear resemblance to the monster Gollum character from the famous movie Lord of the Rings (Lord of the Rings). the Rings).

This image has caused controversy about the origin of the strange creature after being posted online. Many netizens support the theory that this is just an actor participating in a sci-fi movie. According to this opinion, the actor was photographed by someone while on set in the mountains.

The mystery of this strange creature seems to have been revealed when a person claiming to be the main character in the photos spoke up. “Last weekend, my colleagues and I went to the mountains to shoot some scenes for a small sci-fi movie. When I was going to the toilet, a stranger appeared and took a picture of me, then ran away,” wrote a netizen claiming to be the person who played the strange creature.

Gollum monster from the famous movie The Lord of the Rings.
This is not the only case of a mysterious creature discovered in the past few months. This past April, a Canadian mountaineer released a video of what he believes to be the Sasquatch monster (aka Bigfoot monster) in Western Canada.

The video was recorded by Myles Lamont two years ago when he was climbing the Tantalus Mountains, north of Vancouver, British Columbia. The video showing the black dot moving to the top of the mountain has attracted more than 1 million views on YouTube.

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