Photos taken of a trip of a dog and cat couple in the mountains of Colorado, USA, attracted hundreds of thousands of followers on the photo-sharing platform Instagram.

Even Henry and Baloo’s owners, Cynthia Bennett and Andre Sibilsky, don’t want to believe the fame of the two four-legged family members.

Cynthia and Andre met in Boston, but because they come from New Hampshire and Texas, the couple both love nature and don’t like being tied up in city life.

The two started hiking regularly and as they settled down, they decided to expand their family by adopting a dog.

Henry is of different bloodlines, including the German Herding Dog, Husky, Boxer, Staffordshire Terrier and Aussie.

Henry is a street puppy, adopted by Cynthia and Andre from the shelter. Due to the blood of strong dogs, Henry can climb mountains and hike very well.

A year after adopting Henry, Cynthia realized she was posting too many pictures of the dog on her social media accounts, so decided to create a new account just for Henry.

It took three years for Henry’s account to reach 30,000 followers, but that number spiraled out of control when the family adopted more Baloo.

Cynthia said: “Henry was really worried when we didn’t come home. The dog wouldn’t even eat or drink, so we decided to find a close friend for Henry.”

Like Henry, Baloo and seven other siblings were abandoned at birth and raised in the rescue camp.

Cynthia said: “I really believe that Baloo thought Henry was his mother. For the first few months, Baloo kept going to Henry to snuggle.”

Moreover, it seems that the Siamese-like cat also thinks of himself as a dog, as Baloo only likes to play with dogs and ignore other cats.

Photos and videos of Henry the dog running along the riverbank with Baloo on his back, or taking a dip in the cool water have surprised many on social media.

Currently, Andre works in finance, but her Instagram account is so popular that Cynthia takes a break from organizing events, and focuses more on updating her account, pursuing her passion for photography. his photo.

Cynthia says: “Choosing an art direction is scary because it’s not stable in the long run, but I’ve often told our followers over the years that you’re helping to change lives. life and allow me to do what I love.”

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