One-Eyed Deaf Pit Bull Who Spent Half Of Her Life In A Shelter Finally Finds Home

This one-eyed deaf pit bull named Scarlett had spent over three years at a shelter, which is more than half her life. During those years, she managed to win over the hearts of both the rescue organization’s staff members and those who come to visit. Still, no one would want to take the poor thing home…


Scarlett was brought to the shelter back in 2013 because her previous owners couldn’t afford her medical treatment. Today Scarlett is one healthy pooch, albeit not very active, which makes the other doggos at the shelter appear more attractive. “People look at her, and she’s the one-eyed dog who is not jumping up to greet them, though many of the other dogs are,” shelter manager Kirstyn Northrop Cobb told The Dodo.


The woman’s heart was breaking to see Scarlett at a shelter for so long. “She is the most cuddly dog ever! She will just melt into you… and give you kisses.” Cobb adds: “When you enter her living space, she smiles at you and it is super cute!.”


Well, now the doggie has even more reasons to smile, as according to the latest news, she has just been adopted!

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Unfortunately, the world is not always bright and happy. Sometimes we have to make difficult decisions, even when our hearts are breaking. A few days ago, this 12-year-old boy had to make just such a decision.

On February 13, the animal shelter in Xollin found a cute puppy with a letter from a child on the doorstep. The shelter wrote on its Facebook page: ,,Someone left this dog in a box with a stuffed animal and a letter on the shelter’s doorstep. The letter was written by a boy who said that his father beat the dog all the time and wanted to sell it. Desperate, he left it here to save the dog.”.

After telling this story, people from all over the world wanted to help, donate and wanted to adopt the puppy.

The box with the puppy in it

The shelter has made it a priority to check the puppy’s health. ,,We need to take the dog to the vet to have his tail checked, it looks like it’s broken. We also need to deworm it and do a medical examination on it. This means more costs and more work for us, but fortunately the dog is safe.”

The child’s letter to the puppy.

They know only two informations about the boy who wrote the letter. His name is Andrés and he is 12-year-old.

The letter reads:

,,I am Andrés. I’m 12 years old. My mother and I have decided to bring him to you. All this is happening behind my father’s back. My father thought of selling him. He sadly keeps hitting and kicking the dog. One time he kicked him really hard. His little tail then hurt him. I wish you can help him and care for him. I brought a stuffed animal so he won’t forget me.”

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