It has always been said that  dogs are man’s best friend , and it’s no less: these animals are able to forge a unique bond with humans through unwavering loyalty, love and affection. unconditional and the ability to capture the emotions of others.

However, over time, dogs have shown us that these noble qualities are not only and unique in the way people treat people, but that loyalty can be given to one another through beautiful gestures.

This was demonstrated by the Twitter account @buitengebieden, which shared a video in which the loyalty of dogs can be clearly seen, even to each other. An image that has conquered millions of people on social networks.

Video . “A friend is a person…”, says @buitengebieden as the title of the video says in which a golden retriever appears to help another person in a dog wheelchair who is completely trapped in an upper sandpit. golf.

Video đã lan truyền với hơn một triệu lượt xem.
The video has gone viral with over a million views.


As can be seen in the image, they both have an object in their mouths and the golden retriever steps back with difficulty to inform his canine friend who is in a wheelchair unable to move in the sand.

Bidding video has moved the networks

Numerical. An image didn’t take long to spread around the world, so much so that the video amassed over a million views in just a few days and all sorts of comments on it: from people who shared similar videos to to people who have shared similar videos. no They were able to avoid feeling tender when seeing the images.

Top Comments. “True love, true friendship”, “What Heidi and Clara look like”, “He is always there when you need him”, “So sweet”, “And you stay far away.” recording”, “Why is the dog in the wheel chair stuck there and only another dog helps it?”, “This is why I love dogs” or “Humans can learn.” many things from dogs”, are some of the most common user reactions.

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