Roni, the dog, had been lying in the scorching heat for days, unable to move. Passers-by had noticed him and had given him food and water, but he was in pain and scared, unable to resist. It was evident that something had caused his condition, as his legs were intact with no bruises. The doctors suspected a non-accidental fracture, and after assessing his condition, they determined that surgery was needed.

Roni was stressed and scared, especially of needles, and he would cry whenever they were used on him. However, tests showed that he didn’t have any infections, which was a relief. The surgery was planned, but it couldn’t be performed immediately, and Roni had to wait all night, lying sadly.

Finally, after three long hours, the complicated surgery took place. Roni’s back leg was still sore afterward, but he loved the food that was brought to him and ate heartily. In the days that followed, Roni remained quiet and seemed to be indifferent to his surroundings. However, his human friend stayed by his side, petting him and offering comfort.

Then, a miracle happened. Roni showed signs of wanting to go out for a walk, although it was challenging for him. Unfortunately, he faced another setback as he lost weight despite eating well. It was clear that he was still stressed and scared. His caregivers paid extra attention to his nutrition and took him out to help him feel better, but his recovery was slow.

Although Roni was still in pain and discomfort, X-rays showed that his bones were healing. He needed another surgery to fix some screws, but he had come a long way from where he started. Roni had been through so much in his life, but he was now part of a caring family who was determined to see him through his journey to recovery.

After more than a week, Roni was finally discharged from the hospital. The storm in his life had passed, and he had made a remarkable recovery. He had become a happy dog, enjoying his new home and the love and care of his family. Despite the challenges he had faced, Roni had found a happy ending and was now thriving in his new life.

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