The story of a dog’s suffering is heartbreaking and should never have happened. Yet, it did happen, and it’s our responsibility as fellow humans to make sure this dog gets the care and love it deserves. The level of abuse inflicted upon this poor animal is hard to comprehend. How can anyone have so little regard for another being’s life, especially one that is so loyal and loving?


It all started with a call to action from our inspectors, who picked up a dog in a kennel that was in an extremely neglected condition. The ragged shelter was not enough to protect the dog from the cold and wetness. Upon closer inspection, the inspectors discovered numerous wounds and bedsores that were oozing pus, creating an unbearable stench. Additionally, the dog had severe spinal injuries that resulted in paralysis.

The dog was transported to the best orthopedic clinic in Poland for medical intervention, which was almost 400 km away from the place of its collection. It was here that the doctors made a gruesome discovery. The prints of a rope on the dog’s hind legs indicated that the dog had been brutally tortured. The torturer likely suspended the poor creature by the back of the paw, causing severe damage to the spine and pelvis. Or they dragged the animal behind a car, tied to a hook. The possibilities are grim and utterly horrific.

It’s difficult to imagine what the dog went through during the torture. The pain and suffering the dog experienced were undoubtedly unimaginable. It’s shocking to think that a fellow human could inflict such cruelty on a loyal and defenseless creature. How could anyone treat a dog, or any animal for that matter, with such malice and disregard for its life?

Unfortunately, there are too many cases of animal abuse in the world. What makes this case even more painful is the realization that nobody noticed the dog’s suffering until it was too late. It’s easy to forget that animals feel pain and emotions just like we do, and they rely on us to protect and care for them.

We can’t turn back time, but we can make sure that the dog gets the care and treatment it needs to heal from the trauma it has experienced. The dog is under the care of the best specialists in Poland who are working tirelessly to ensure that it gets the treatment it deserves. However, the costs of the treatment and convalescence will be significant, and we must appeal to the kindness of people to donate to help the dog recover.

The dog’s injuries will stay with it forever, and it’s our responsibility to make sure that it has a chance to live the rest of its life with love and kindness. We should never forget that animals are not just commodities or property, they are living beings with emotions and feelings. We should treat them with the respect and love they deserve.

Let’s come together as a community and show that we care about the dog’s suffering. We can make a difference, and with your help, we can ensure that the dog gets the care and love it deserves. Let’s not be indifferent to its suffering; let’s show that we are a compassionate and caring community.

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