Dog in Thailand stops car to save owner’s life

In April 2017, social media users passed on a clip that attracted nearly 800,000 views, capturing the moment a dog jumped out from the curb to block the front of the car to save the owner.

When he saw a blue 4-seater car that could be dangerous for the owner who was cycling, the brave dog quickly ran to the front of the car to stop it. Fortunately, because the car was not moving too fast, both the dog and his owner were safe.

Being beaten by a thief, the dog cried when he was about to say goodbye to his owner

It is a heartbreaking story that happened in mid-May, the dog of a family in the province of Papua (Indonesia) was poisoned to death by a thief. In the 1-minute clip recording the dog’s last dying moments, people couldn’t help but be touched, when they saw it shedding tears in pain and sadness.

The poor dog’s eyes are always directed at his owner as if to say something. Its mouth foamed in waves, and sometimes there was a hiccup in its throat. That scene not only made the owner heartbroken, but also those who just watched, never met the dog in real life, had to cry.

After the “little friend” died, the owner’s family buried the dog in a plot near the house. The heartbreaking story of the dog has once again sounded the alarm about the increasingly rampant and scary dog theft..

The dog refuses to leave his unconscious owner

Theo Independent, khi đang cắt tỉa một cây trước nhà ở thành phố Bahía Blanca (Argentina), anh Jesus Hueche – chủ chú chó tên Tony – bất ngờ bị ngã từ độ cao khoảng 2m.

The strong fall caused Jesus to lose consciousness and was fortunately discovered by neighbors early and taken to the emergency room. While waiting for the ambulance, Tony came to lie on his owner’s chest and refused to leave half a step. Even when paramedics put Jesus in the ambulance, Tony tried to jump into the car with his owner. The action of the dog made the onlookers emotional.

Fortunately, Jesus only suffered minor injuries and was released from the hospital on the same day of the accident. After that, the owner of the affectionate dog shared that Tony was accidentally found by Jesus’ family on the road and brought home.

Hachiko the dog waiting for its owner at the train station

Hachiko is an Akita dog, born in 1923 on a farm near Odate city, Akita prefecture. The dog was adopted by Professor Hidesaburo Ueno, who lives near Shibuya Station. Every day, Hachiko goes to the station to see off his owner from work and pick him up. However, after more than a year of waiting, the professor died and the dog did not know it. For the next 9 years, 9 months and 15 days, Hachiko would go to the station to wait for his owner to die. (Amusing Planet’s photo).

Capitan dog – guarding his owner’s grave for 6 years

As a German sheepdog, the Capitan dog was a birthday present for Mr. Miguel Guzman, an Argentine, who gave Capitan to his son in 2005. After Mr. Miguel died in 2006, capitan left home. A week later, the Guzman family found the dog sitting next to Miguel’s grave. Since then, the grieving dog has rarely left his post at the cemetery in the town of Villa Carlos Paz, central Argentina. (Photo NY Daily News).

The dog has an owner from Accumoli – lying next to its owner’s coffin

In mid-2016, a 6.2-magnitude earthquake struck central Italy, killing at least 281 people. Among 34 coffins placed in the town of Ascoli Piceno, there is an image of a dog lying quietly next to a casket that makes many people stop. Not much is known about this dog except that its owner is from Accumoli – one of the areas hardest hit by the earthquake. (Photo by Metro).

Hawkye the dog touched the world

Hawkye is a military dog who has a close relationship with his owner and trainer Jon Tomlinson. Jon Tomlinson is a member of the US Navy SEAL team. During the war in Afghanistan in 2011, he was killed when the Chinook helicopter carrying the task force was shot down. At the soldier’s funeral, Hawkeye accompanied Tomlinson’s good friend Scott Nichols to the platform where his master’s body was laid, the dog let out a sigh, and sprawled on the floor in front of the covered coffin. flag until the memorial service is over. This image became famous and touched the whole world. Later, this dog was adopted by a friend of Tomlinson. (Photo Daily Mail).

Dog saves owner from bloody attack

The dog Dorado saved his owner’s life from the 2001 twin tower attack: On September 11, 2001, the WTC Twin Towers, the World Trade Center were terrorized, killing nearly 3,000 people. Some lucky people escaped, including a blind computer technician, working on the 71st floor of the building thanks to the guidance of the dog Dorado. Although when the plane crashed into the tower, this employee unchained and ordered Dorado to run away. However, after a few minutes of being dragged down by the flow of people, the dog returned with a colleague of Rivera and helped him climb down 70 floors, escaping death about more than an hour later. (MNN photo).

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